Big Sisters

“Besties” March 2020

When we told the kids we were expecting, the girls screamed and cried tears of joy.

When we told them the baby was a girl, they jumped up and down and shed more happy tears.

It was of course, much harder telling them their baby sister had KAND. There were tears then too.

But, I know how lucky Colbie is to have these two “little momma’s” in her life and I know they will always look out for their baby sister. They are both amazing and so natural with her and although she may not be able to do the things they imagined doing with her at this age, they adore her just as she is and I know will always stand by her side.

The “big” performance with all of Colbie’s siblings is coming soon, but before that happens, Ashlyn agreed to singing the song that she had written for Colbie if we reached $1500 for our KIF1A Super Hero Challenge for a Cure and that can be heard/viewed below. It’s not the best recording for sound, but I think it’s still pretty special.

Thank you again for all of the support! IF you missed out on the Super Hero Challenge and are wanting to help, you can still donate directly to or show off your love for Colbie and help raise awareness with an “I Care Colbie” T-Shirt now available (all profits go directly to KiF1a,org to support research for treatment and a cure)!

Ashlyn’s Song For Colbie

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