Super Colbie!

Big Brother Emerson & Super Colbie 2020

Anyone who knows Emerson knows what a loving heart he has, which makes him a very sweet and patient big brother who is always willing to help out. Colbie LOVES wrestling and playing with him so much and they really are adorable together! I often hear him making her giggle in the car and she lights up every time she sees him!

Emerson is a young artist with so much natural talent. He creates the most imaginative characters and more and will spend hours on end drawing, sometimes stating that he can’t wait to get home so he can have more drawing time. His dedication to his art is admirable, as is his dedication to his little sister. He did get teary eyed when we were talking about Colbie and KiF1A the other day because he wants us to find a cure and help her so much, as we all do.

We shared THIS article with the kids and it was very helpful in explaining how it’s okay for them to feel all sorts of different feelings about her KAND diagnosis and how it’s always important to talk about their feelings too.

Thank you again to all who donated towards the KIF1A research or even just shared our challenge with those you know. We can’t thank you enough for all of your support and if I haven’t thanked you personally yet, I hope you know how much we appreciate it!!

Emerson drew a “Super Hero Colbie” to give away if we reached $1000 for our KIF1A Super Hero Challenge for a Cure and since we are currently over $3,000 (!!) we present you with a word from our artist and the winner of the Super Hero Colbie framed artwork:

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